EPISODE 171: Lori Feltz


On December 26, 2016, 58-year-old Lori Feltz disappeared from Cynthiana, KY. When Lori was young, she was in a terrible car accident. This accident killed her younger brother, who was a passenger in the vehicle, and Lori suffered a traumatic brain injury. This accident would change the course of her life forever. Lori, as a result of this injury, had intellectual disabilities, short term memory loss, seizures and required a caregiver to help her with daily tasks and make sure she took her medication.

Around 9 AM on December 26, 2016, Lori was last seen leaving her house on Hick Hardy Road to walk up a path to go help her sister at the home next door. The path was only about 300 yards and this was a route she would walk on a regular basis for exercise. However, she never made it to see her sister. Her sister, Tricia, was expecting Lori and became concerned when she didn’t arrive but she couldn’t find Lori anywhere. Lori’s family members believe that it is possible that she became disoriented on her walk and flagged down a passing motorist to ask for a ride, but so far there have been no signs or clues to indicate what truly happened to Lori that day.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Lori Feltz please call the Kentucky State Police at 859-428-1212.

You can follow Lori's case on Facebook at Finding Justice for Lori.

This episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Erika Gwynn. To find more of Erika's work, please check out her podcast at https://www.apexandabyss.com.