EPISODE 181: Ebonee Spears

On January 14, 2016, Ebonee Spears’ parents were desperately trying to get their thirty-year-old daughter some help. Ebonee hadn’t been acting like herself, possibly displaying signs of a mental health or medical crisis, and her family wanted to her to check in for an evaluation. As Ebonee’s family raced to help their daughter between the afternoon of January 14th and throughout the next day, strange things began to happen, and Ebonee Spears has not been seen since late in the evening of January 15, 2016. This week, we’re exploring the odd and extraordinary events leading up to Ebonee’s disappearance more than three years ago and looking into some of the more mysterious aspects of her case.

If you have any information about Ebonee’s disappearance, please contact the Wilmington Police Department at 910-343-3686 or 910-343-3600.

You can follow Ebonee’s story on social media at: Find Ebonee Spears.