EPISODE 183: Corinna Slusser

In September of 2017, 18-year-old Corinna Slusser went missing. In the years prior to her disappearance, the Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania native lost all interest in high school. Her grades began to slip and she would have had to go to summer school in order to graduate, but Corinna had different plans. She dropped out of Bloomsburg Area High School and set her eyes towards the future. She wanted to move in with her Aunt who lived in Massachusetts in 2018 due to the fact that her and her mother, Sabina, were not getting along. However, this move would never happen. A few months before Corinna went missing, she had met a man by the name of Yhovanny Peguero. Yhovanny told Corinna that he would be able to help her get a place to stay in New York City. In August of 2017, Corinna picked up and went to the big apple. She only took her cell phone and ID with her. She left all of her other belongings behind. A month later, Corinna disappeared and she is believed to have been the victim of human trafficking. 

If you have any information about the disappearance of Corinna Slusser, please call the NYPD Human Trafficking Task Force at 212-384-1000.

This episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Erika Gwynn. To find more of Erika's work, please check out her podcast at https://www.apexandabyss.com.