EPISODE 148: Katelin Akens


On December 1, 2015, Katelin Michelle Akens flew across the country from her home in Arizona to visit her family in Virginia. She had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of her nephew, and wanted to see him as soon as he was born. Four days later, on December 5, 2015, 19-year-old Katelin was supposed to fly back home to Arizona, but she never boarded her flight. A few days after she disappeared, her luggage was found on the side of a Virginia road with her wallet, identification, cash, and plane ticket, but there was no sign of Katelin. On the afternoon of her disappearance, Katelin texted a couple people but they found the texts to be strange and didn't believe the messages came from Katelin. The last person to see Katelin was her former stepfather, James Branton. He says he last saw Katelin when he dropped her off at a mall several hours before her flight, but has refused to take a polygraph and law enforcement has struggled to break the encryption on his phone.

Nearly three years have passed since Katelin’s disappearance, and her family is still searching for answers. 

If you have any information about Katelin Akens, please call the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at 540-507-7102 or the FBI’s ViCAP division at 1-800-634-4097.

You can follow Katelin’s case on Facebook at “Help Find Katelin Akens.”

EPISODE 147: Thomas Profitt


On May 3, 2006, 45-year-old Thomas Profitt disappeared from Winchester, Kentucky. He had told his daughter, Amanda, that he was going to come visit her and his newborn granddaughter in the hospital. Thomas never made it to the hospital and was never seen or heard from again. His maroon 1997 Buick Century went missing that day along with Thomas and has never been located. Thomas was known to be a family man and had told several people how excited he was to go meet his new granddaughter. The baby had arrived about 14 weeks early, and he was so relieved that she was born healthy. His case took a strange twist when his wife told police a completely different story. She said he left saying he was going to the river and she would never see him again. We spoke to Thomas’s two daughters, Amanda and Jeanie, for this episode as well as his sister, Darlene and the detective working his case.

If you have any information about Thomas Profitt’s disappearance, you can call the Winchester, Kentucky Police Department at 859-745-7400.

EPISODE 146: Michele Lyn Hundley Smith


At 8:30 PM on December 9th, 2001, 38 year-old mother of three, Michele Lyn Hundley Smith, told her family that she was going Christmas shopping. She left the home in Stoneville, North Carolina in her green, 1995 Pontiac Trans Sport van with the North Carolina license plate “ROK-N-ON." She was headed for Martinsville, less than 20 miles away over the border into Virginia. Going shopping at night wasn’t unusual for her, and being right before Christmas and just days before her oldest daughter’s birthday, no one thought twice about it. But at midnight that night, Michele’s husband woke up their 14 year-old daughter, Amanda, worried that her mom had not come home. 

Michele never returned, and neither her, nor her van have ever been seen since. 

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Michele Hundley Smith, please contact the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office at 336-634-3232.

You can follow Michele’s case on Facebook at Bring Michele Hundley Smith Home

The episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Anna Priestland.