EPISODE 128: Gregory "Keith" Mann, Jr.

20-year-old Keith Mann was last seen in Wichita Falls, Texas on Saturday, May 10th, 1997. Keith had worked that day and later went out with a couple friends. While they were hanging out, Keith mentioned that he was meeting someone at 12:15am. His friends said they dropped him off at his apartment around 11:45 PM. They told his family that they watched him walk up the stairs toward his apartment. That is the last time anyone claims to have seen Keith. The following day, the car that Keith was driving was spotted in a church parking lot just a few miles away. Keith’s disappearance is a baffling mystery with no obvious suspects to point to. Keith had no known enemies and nothing to be running from. I was joined by Gregg and Debra Mann for this episode.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Keith Mann, please contact  Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers (800) 322-9888 or the Wichita Falls Police Department at (940) 761-7762.  You can follow his case on Facebook at The Missing Mann Project - Keith Mann. Keith's family also has a website created by his sister: http://themissingmannproject.com

EPISODE 127: Megan Gregory


27-year-old Megan Gregory was last seen in Augusta, Maine in June of 2017. She exited her friends car in the Sand Hill area of Augusta on June 5th but there were sightings of Megan on both the 5th and 6th. After that, Megan vanished. Rumors have circulated about what may have happened to Megan but no trace of her has been found. Megan's friend, Dan, has been searching for her since he found out she was missing. Dan joined me for this episode.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Megan Gregory, please call the Gardiner Police Department at 207-624-7076. You can follow Megan's case on Facebook at Friends of Megan Gregory.

The episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Anna Priestland.

Special thanks to Case Warriors for the Missing.

EPISODE 126: Dona Mae Bayerl Part 3 - The Aftermath


38-year-old Dona Mae Bayerl disappeared from her home in Muskego, Wisconsin on May 6, 1979. We spent the first two installments of this series going over the history of Dona Mae's case and also diving into the important relationships.  In this third and final installment, we are going to discuss where the case stands now and where everyone is today in their process of searching and healing. 

If you have any information about the disappearance of Dona Mae Bayerl, please contact Detective Westphal at 262-679-5652. You can follow Dona Mae's case on social media at Dona Mae Bayerl -Missing since May 1979.