EPISODE 187: Amy Sher

On Monday, October 14, 2002, Amy Sher left her job at the Lahey Clinic earlier than usual. On Tuesday and Wednesday she called in sick to work. And then on Thursday, October 17, her husband Robert Desmond called in sick for her and told Amy’s employer that she would not be returning to work. He called back on Friday to ask for Amy’s supervisor’s email address, stating that she was not able to send an email herself. Later, when asked by police where his wife had gone, Robert Desmond told them that he had dropped her off at a train station and that he had not seen her since but this wasn’t the first time Amy had disappeared. She fell out of sight long before that fateful October day, when her abusive husband forced her to refuse contact with her family and friends. Now Amy was actually missing, and there is no evidence Amy chose to leave.

If you have any information about Amy’s disappearance, you can call the Billerca, Massachusetts Police Department at 978-671-0900.

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